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Latex offers the perfect combination of strength, elasticity, slip resistance and comfort. Because of their significant thickness and durability, latex exam gloves perform well in high-risk, heavy-duty situations. They are supple and fit comfortably like a second skin. An organic compound derived from the hevea braziliensis rubber tree, natural rubber latex offers excellent comfort and dexterity due to its elasticity characteristics. See all Latex Exam Gloves.

Note: Natural latex rubber is a protein-based compound known to cause allergic reactions and irritations in some people. Use alternatives if you experience an allergic reaction when wearing latex gloves. (see partial chemical resistance list near the bottom of the page).

conform latex glovesConform® gloves by Ansell are available in powdered. 5-Mil, 100% Natural Rubber Latex provides the highest degree of dexterity available with the strength and comfort of 100% natural rubber latex. Component materials comply with FDA regulations for food contact. Conform gloves are available in three styles and two colors to allow you to choose the correct glove for your specific application. Our unique production process yields a latex glove that is also exceptionally clean and provides good resistance to acids.

mediguard latex glovesMediGuard® textured gloves come in powdered and powder-free. They feature high elasticity and provide excellent tactile sensitivity. They are ideal for use in procedures that require greater dexterity and they are textured to help ensure a secure grip. Powdered gloves use medical grade absorbable dusting powder (USP) for donning ease. and are non-textured. Powder free goves are smooth (non-textured). Gloves have beaded cuffs for added durability. Meets all ASTM and FDA requirements. All Medline latex gloves sold today are certified low-protein and are manufactured to be strong, clean, and consistent.

Aloe-Touch latex glovesAloe-Touch® powder free textured gloves have an aloe Vera coating that soothes and hydrates healthcare workers’ hands. A top quality latex glove made with low protein levels to help reduce latex sensitivities, this strong, durable, natural rubber latex glove provides superior barrier protection. The fully textured surface allows for a sure grip on instruments and dressings. Gloves are 10" in length.


Chemical Resistance Partial List for Natural Rubber Latex Gloves*

This list includes only chemicals for which these glove materials are well suited. Other chemicals may also be used, but under careful control. Please call 888.322.5722 for more information on chemical compatibility.
Note: Chemical Resistance information is intended to provide general information about the reactions of different glove materials to the chemicals listed. This information is based upon published research data. Gloves have not been individually tested against these chemicals. Variability in glove thickness, chemical concentration, temperature and length of exposure to chemicals will affect the performance.
Disclaimer: This information should be used for reference purpose only. Always proceed with caution when handling chemicals.

Ammonium Fluoride (40%), n-Butyl Alcohol, Butyl Carbitol, Butyl Cellosolve, gamma-Butyrolactone, Carbon Disulfide, Citric Acid (10%), Cyclohexanol, Diacetone Alcohol, Dimethyl Sulfoxide (DMSO), Electroless Copper Plating Solution, Electroless Nickel Plating Solution, Ethylene Glycol, Ethylene Glycol, Hydrazine (65%), Hydrobromic Acid (48%), Hydrochloric Acid (10%), Hydrochloric Acid (37% Concentrated), Hydrofluoric Acid (48%), Hydrogen Peroxide (30%), Hydroquinone, saturated solution, Hypophosphorus Acid (50%), Isopropyl Alcohol, Lactic Acid (85%), Lauric Acid (36% in Ethanol), Maleic Acid (saturated solution), Mercury, Methylamine (40%), Methylene bis (4-Phenylisocyanate) (MDI), N-Methyl-2-Pyrrolidone (NMP), Monoethanolamine, Nitric Acid (10%), n-Octyl Alcohol, Oxalic Acid (saturated solution), Pad Etch® 1 (Ashland Chemical), Potassium Hydroxide (50%), Sodium Hydroxide (50%), Sulfuric Acid / Battery Acid (47%), Tannic Acid (65%), Tricresyl Phosphate (TCP), Triethanolamine (TEA), Vertrel® XF.

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* Data provided by Ansell Chemical Resistance Guide 8th Edition

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